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Tanzania Cultural Tours

Parrot Tours & Safaris is delighted to offer the following Tanzania cultural tourism to visitors who wish to conjoin their safari adventures with a human element. Cultural tourism in Tanzania is attractive because it allows tourists to have a deeper understanding of the people living in and around the national park areas. You will learn, first hand, the customs, the traditions and the cultures of villagers and come to appreciate their way of life.

At times, you may hear ancient stories of wildlife and ancestral tales that attempt to explain natural phenomena. The intrinsic value of Tanzania cultural tours is the opportunity to learn about people who, at first, may seem to be different, but as you learn about them and their natural environment, you will realize that people are not very different from one another.

We hope that you will find these cultural tours in Tanzania both enjoyable and memorable. Please note that there are no itineraries for Tanzania culture; however, you may request that one or more programs be included in your custom/tailor-made itinerary.