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The Story

About Us

Sophia Burah
Founder & CEO

How it all Started

I founded Parrot Tours & Safaris Limited in 1992.  My company is based in Arusha, Tanzania.  Over the 30+ years Parrot Safaris & Tours has been in operation (check our certification), we have hosted individuals from all over the world, as well as worked with universities, companies, and travel agencies in Europe, North America, and beyond.  Though specializing in Tanzanian adventures, we also organize and conduct safaris in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

The historical background of Parrot Tours & Safaris can be traced to when I was a child.   My family had a domesticated African Grey Parrot named ‘Lanta.’  Lanta means ‘light’ in my first language, the Iraqw language.  How I loved our pet! She had unique abilities and was so cheerful – qualities which have served Parrot Tours & Safaris well in the decades we have been in business.

I grew up in northern Tanzania, near the Ngorongoro Crater, one of the natural wonders of the world.  Then, as now, the area had an abundance of wildlife. Awe for what was naturally all around me led me to found Parrot Tours & Safaris. Now I get to see in guests similar levels of wonderment as they discover elephant, buffalo, lions, leopards, rhino, and so much more…

I consider Parrot Tours & Safaris’ many guests since 1992 to be a blessing.  These guests enable the company to invest back in local communities. For example, the company supports beehives in the Ngorongoro area.  When farmers sell their honey, the resulting profits are used to widen access to clean water or sponsor rural students. 

I, along with the entire Parrot Tours & Safaris team, welcome the chance to make life-long memories for you.