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Tanzania Southern Circuit

Southern Tanzania is the very definition of the bush wilderness experience, an area encompassing some of the purest remaining tracts of gamelands in Africa and home to a select clutch of national parks and reserves.

Amongst the safari fraternity, names such as Selous, Katavi and Ruaha evoke reverence and respect, proof of their rightful place in the safari pantheon, whilst the beaches, the islands and the coastline are either world-famous or completely unexplored. Southern Tanzania sits at the crossroads of the Northern/ Eastern and Southern varieties of mammal, sometimes only a river separating them, and explorations of the park are a true biologist’s dream.

In keeping with the raw nature of the environment, the properties in these parks are of the small, low-impact variety, mainly taking the form of small permanent tented camps rather than the large lodges of the Northern circuit. The hosts of these camps have decided it is not worth competing with the majesty of the wilderness to be found around the camps, and keep their homes as harmonious with nature as can be done without sleeping under a tree. The little luxuries that are added attain much more value when you find yourself alone in an area the size of a European country.

Remote location, limited bedspace and boundless bush will ensure that even as awareness grows of the bounteous wildlife roaming these lands, the safari experience of Tanzania’s southern safarilands will remain of the true and unadulterated variety for an Africa of purity and distinctive authenticity, there is no finer destination.

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